We are a full-service video production company with our home in Brighton. We love beautiful images and we’re excited by new ways of telling stories. Our commercial and artistic work feed into one another, keeping us fresh and enthusiastic in all we do.

We go into companies, big and small; we take the time to find out about them, work with them to refine their ideas, and come up with fresh, exciting, video campaigns to help them get the desired result.

We work with a pool of freelancers based in Brighton and London, with a wide range of specialisms in all aspects of production and post-production. Our crew have a wealth of experience in promos, online video, documentaries, adverts, promos, TV and film, and are passionate about producing high quality pictures and sound. We get excited by new ideas and interesting stories. We believe filmmaking should be fun, and mamma mia do we like an egg.

We're an inclusive bunch and pride ourselves on offering internships and work experience opportunities to young people from all backgrounds, including people with special needs, mental health issues, or just in need of a second chance. We work closely with different organisations in Brighton in order to facilitate this.