We are a full-service video production company with our home in Brighton. We love beautiful images and we’re excited by new ways of telling stories. Our commercial and artistic work feed into one another, to create an environment in which ideas flourish.

The Team

Adam Sheldon
Adam Sheldon - Director

David Richards
David Richards - Director

Adam and David have a combined 15 years or so in the film and TV industries and have worked with Sky, Disney, BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Nowness, BFI amongst others. They met whilst developing a comedy pilot, where they discovered they share many things in common, including a love of cinema, a shared sense of humour and a fondness for eggs. 

We also work with a wide network of local industry freelancers.

We are an inclusive bunch and pride ourselves on offering internships and work experience opportunities to young people from underrepresented backgrounds, including people with special needs, mental health issues, or just in need of a second chance. We work closely with different organisations in Brighton in order to facilitate this.