BIG EGG REVIEW: The Wandering DP BIG EGG REVIEW: The Wandering DP

BIG EGG REVIEW: The Wandering DP

The Wandering DP YouTube channel is a great place to go for breakdowns of cinematography; from lighting to shot composition to framings and angles.

Each video, varying in length depending on the topics discussed, includes an in-depth look at the how, why and what makes a good shot. The video genres, ranging from advert breakdowns to helpful ‘fact or fiction’ myth busters are a great resource for filmmakers and cinematographers regardless of your experience or previous knowledge. Adam, director here at Big Egg, has already learnt so much by watching a selection of these videos.

Not only that, Patrick O’Sullivan, the man behind Wandering DP, also hosts a podcast series (“The Wandering DP Podcast”) which features interviews with fellow cinematographers from the film world who also share their stories, hints and inspirations behind following their role as cinematographers.

One of the videos I particularly enjoyed was a recent upload: “Angle is Everything - A Cinematography Breakdown”; in this Patrick breaks down an advert for Heineken and goes on to explain the usefulness and effectiveness of different shot compositions. For example: how the effect of harsher light vs a more balanced tone reflects on the overall shot composition and how framing and the angle of each shot is relative to the main focus of the advert.

Below are some more recommendations from the channel - feel free to watch through to see what you think.

Overall, I highly recommend this channel to any cinematographer - whether you’re just starting out or have had quite a bit of practice; the information showcased on this channel will be a great resource to consolidate and improve your techniques and knowledge.

Ben Lintott
Digital Marketing and Content Assistant

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