Filming on your phone #2 Filming on your phone #2

Filming on your phone #2

As we enter a full 6 weeks of Lockdown #3, Callum is continuing his series of blogs for Big Egg that share useful tips and tricks for filming on your phone which we hope will be beneficial to businesses, organisations and individuals who have to continue to adapt their ways of working.

Filming On Your Phone - Lighting

During the third lockdown here in the UK, you may need or want to do some recording on your smartphone. So here are some top tips to get the professional look you desire.

Last time we spoke about the best apps, recording equipment, and methods. Check it out here

This week, we’ll be talking about lighting.

video production brihgton lighting technique how to
Miles showing off his light!

There is plenty of equipment out there that you could buy to light your videos, for example a LED light is a common piece used to light videos.

If you don’t want to spend any money, then you can always use stuff you already have in your house. For example a lamp would work perfectly fine, you can also use natural light if the day is bright enough. Make sure that the main subject isn’t too overexposed.

video production Brighton lighting technique how to
Try to avoid over exposure like this in the sun

 Here is Miles with some more information.

Find out more on next week's blog where we will talk about sound.