How is the Brighton Housing Trust campaign video doing? How is the Brighton Housing Trust campaign video doing?

How is the Brighton Housing Trust campaign video doing?

Continuing Tradition

At the end of 2023 Big Egg was thrilled to once again donate a video to Brighton Housing Trust to be part of their winter appeal. Every year since 2017 we have worked alongside them to create a video that encapsulates the many different ways (and people) that homelessness affects.

This year we focussed on the sudden-ness of homelessness and the impact that has on a person. Using illustration and animation we were able to tell the story of someone who was helped by First Base to get back on their feet, taken from an interview held prior to its creation.

A Massive Success

Today we are thrilled to share that this has been the most successful annual appeal to date, helping raise over £34,000 for Brighton Housing Trust. A massive thank you to anyone who has helped achieve this.

Feedback on the film includes: "I just watched this year’s Christmas appeal video and wanted to say how fantastic it is! It’s really strong this year, focussing on the practical support First Base provides and the real-life effect it has had on someone accessing the service. It humanises the experience of homelessness and the root causes which unfortunately could happen to any of us. And the presentation/art style is great too. Really powerful appeal!

Wondering if you can still help? Of course you can. While this appeal closes in a few days (the end of January 2024), Brighton Housing Trust are always accepting donations and offers of support in the constant fight against homelessness. You can find out more ways to help by visiting their website.

First Base centre, taken from the 2022 video.