Intern Leah's time at Big Egg Intern Leah's time at Big Egg

Intern Leah's time at Big Egg

Intern Leah Cosgrove writes about her month of work experience with Big Egg. 

Hi, I'm Leah and I'm a student at the University of Brighton, studying Media Production. For one of my modules, I had to participate in work experience and Big Egg fascinated me. 

18th Jan 2021
Today I met the team on my first day, I was extremely nervous (as anyone would be), and I was instantly calmed as soon as the meeting started. Everyone was so lovely and welcoming, didn't put too much pressure on me and just treated it like a normal meeting and I got to see what everyone does and how they worked. I then got my tasks to do; I was told to research a bunch of stuff, which I really enjoyed doing, as it also helped me learn in the process. I got to come up with questions for an interview, as well as research all about social media, this was a very nice and relaxed week.

25th Jan 2021
For my second week I got my first big task. Just something fun for me to do and something to get some experience out of, I was asked to animate.

I have never animated before and wasn't really something I had thought about doing. I couldn't wait to get started, however I came across a lot of difficulty as I was just not comfortable with it and to be honest…not very good at it! This was never made to feel like a problem, I was reassured and to keep trying and playing around with it more until I had something completed. I also got to see someone be interviewed, which was interesting to watch and a lot of fun as it's the closest thing to a real shoot.

1st Feb 2021
For my third week I also got the chance to have a go at editing. It was for the interview I had participated in the previous week. I edited out the questions and cut some outtakes out. I also got to edit my own version which was incredibly fun to do. I also got tips on how to get into the industry from someone who works here - I found it really helpful and I really appreciated it. Again, I cannot stress enough on how nice everyone is here at Big Egg.

8th Feb 2021
In my final week I started with planning an Instagram takeover day, which I was so nervous about because in my head I was freaking out about being an absolute mess and ruining their Instagram. It was an experience I was nervous (yet, oddly excited) about. I’ve recently been helping the team with what posts to share and accounts that I thought would be good to follow. I’ve also written a blog about the animation I created, you can read that here.

Now, on my final day, I'm finishing this blog which I started writing four weeks ago. It’s crazy how quick my time at Big Egg has gone, it definitely doesn't feel like a month. I have had so much fun working with Big Egg and being able to be a part of their team for a month.

Leah Cosgrove
Intern, Jan - Feb 2021

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