My time at the Egg My time at the Egg

My time at the Egg

Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Erin and I’m doing some work experience at Big Egg Films.

I’m a very.......versatile person. I really like to act come from a theatre background but am really interested to learn more about film production. I am really passionate about making the world a better place and spreading the word about climate change and encouraging people to make changes in their lifestyle. I do this by creating campaigns like “Keep Up Bring Your Cup”. I’m also young mayor of Seaford.

Where am I going with this all? I’m not exactly sure, it’s a lot to decide at my age. I could go into the film industry, but equally I could go into a more scientific field. Whatever I end up doing, I do know that I will always being raising awareness about things that matter, like climate change or pollution, and trying to make the world a better more sustainable place. I want to do something I enjoy as well.

At my time at Big Egg, I have done many interesting things. I did an audit of their social media (I know it does sound really fancy) and got the chance to interview Megan Bay Dorman, a producer and radio presenter who has worked for many of the big channels and Big Egg.

I also tried my hand at editing a video made up of loads of stock footage, which was an interesting experience as I had never done it before, and I learned a lot (Although I still have a lot more to learn...).

I also helped to shoot on one of the shoot days with “Walk the Chalk”. It was really fun, and I ended up doing things I never thought you needed to do for film, so I learned a lot. I was on audio with a boom mic first and I'm not going to lie I looked like some weird Viking. Then I took wide angle shots of the group with a drone camera and then...... disaster, the battery ran out! Don’t worry, I’m being dramatic, I was back on checking that mics worked after that and then got to use the big camera to get a few shots of people talking, which ended up with me walking backwards down a hilly bit of the cliff (which was a little scary but worth it). After helping film some interviews and consuming some delicious soup at a really cute cottage, we all went to interview some elderly people about the town, and that walk. This is where I got to help film some more interviews. I’m going to be honest; this is where my arms started killing me as those cameras are really heavy...... I don’t know how they do it! However, I did learn a lot about how to frame and light people in an interview.