Possability People recruiting for bespoke care agency Possability People recruiting for bespoke care agency

Possability People recruiting for bespoke care agency

Over the past few months Big Egg has been fortunate enough to work with the lovely team over at Possability People, a local charity who support disabled people to live independently, with dignity and without prejudice. Possability People runs many different projects and services to achieve this.

Together we have developed a brand new recruitment film and are pleased to be able to share this with you today! The film highlights the importance of roles in this sector, the impact it has on those who are both carers and cared for.

Possability People are now looking for more people to join their At Home staff, a service that provides a high quality service for its clients, with no home visits being less than an hour. The At Home programme is a fresh approach to home care for those in need and it enables them, their family and friends, to live safely and independently at home.

So what does this entail? Chair of Possability People’s Trustee Board, Maddy Hamp, says:

One of the misconceptions about being a PA is that you’re going to be stuck in doors, [...] making cups of tea, taking somebody to the toilet. That couldn’t be further from the truth.” She continued with, “I’ve certainly done all manner of things with my PAs. We’ve been to London, we’ve been around Brighton festival.”

Anyone who is looking for a new opportunity to work with some amazing people should contact Gemma Almedia, Possability People’s Registered Manager, at gemma@possabilitypeople.org.uk and to learn more about the work Possability People do please check them out here.

Katy McGrory, Communications Manager, Possability People, said:

"This is the first time we've worked with Big Egg and it was, without doubt, a brilliant choice. Adam and the team understood what we wanted to achieve straight away. This was a big and potentially daunting project for us but they made it easy, enjoyable and hassle free; despite challenges posed by COVID-19.

"I think their warm and generous spirit as a company is reflected in the final film. It's lovely and brings to life a job that can be misunderstood. They definitely went over and above to show what a valuable profession being a PA is, and of course, what a fab employer Possability People is. Big thanks to them; we'd highly recommend them".

Ben Lintott
Marketing Assisstant

With contributions and original content  from
Katy McGrory
Communications Manager, Possability People

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