Why Do We Love Story? Why Do We Love Story?

Why Do We Love Story?

Why do we love story telling here at Big Egg?

From the dawn of time we've been telling stories (not us here, but humans in general!) the difference now is that we have a million different ways to present it, on multiple platforms and devices. Rest assured though, the 'story' bit is still pretty much the same and that's because the formula most definitely works.

If you were to boil down everything we do here at the Egg, what you'd be left with is some kind of 'story telling' omelette. It finds its way in everything we do; but why is it so important? 

Story helps us care about something, keeps us invested and engaged. Story can help us learn who we are and where we are from. It can help us develop our identity, move us, emotionally change us and can draw on things, deep down, that we may have not of known were even there. 

We've learnt, through our work with clients, brands and artists over the past ten years, that those who tell good stories are able to build an emotional connection, and loyalty with their audiences that can last throughout their lifetime.

What ingredients do we need to use?

The crazy thing about a good story is that they nearly always follow a similar structure or narrative arc. No matter how different and fresh they might feel. The more you learn about structure and narrative arc, the more it will temporarily ruin anything you're watching!

But like any good cake there is a science to it.  For a story to be compelling there's a form of conflict (be it internal or external), there's characters we can empathise with, (these drive our story) and there's always resolution, (as this helps us feel like we've been on a journey) and when we're telling our story we need to remember to "communicate information, express emotions and personal events, transmit morals and cultural knowledge, provide entertainment and also helps in many ways to depict thoughts and feelings of the characters"  [Source].

    We've missed off all sorts of important things such as tone and timing (that also go into making a story flourish) but whether we are making a two hour feature film or a 15 second instagram story we guarantee these key ingredients will be there, thanks for reading and enjoy your omlettes!

    Adam Sheldon

    Edited by
    Ben Lintott
    Digital Marketing and Content Assistant

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