Supporting Oska Bright’s efforts to make venues more accessible Supporting Oska Bright’s efforts to make venues more accessible

Supporting Oska Bright’s efforts to make venues more accessible

Welcome Back
Over the past few years we’ve been amazed by the work that Oska Bright does to showcase the talent of learning disabled filmmakers and help level the playing fields in our industry. From the Oska Bright Film Festival to Carousel TV and the Welcome Back Programme, they are constantly finding ways to champion inspiring individuals.

We’ve been excitedly working with them to develop a series of videos as part of Welcome Back, a training programme that aims to support cinemas and cultural venues to think about how they welcome and support learning disabled artists. Oska Bright has partnered with five venues to form a network that has an open discussion on learning disabled artists and the ways to make their spaces more inclusive. We were commissioned to help make videos to demonstrate this effort.

As part of these videos we headed to HOME Manchester and The Barbican Cinema to interview some of those involved and find out how Welcome Back has helped them.

A young person in an orange T-shirt with HOME Volunteer written on it.
A screenshot from the Welcome Back vid. More to come soon...

Adam from Big Egg said:

“Oska Bright and Carousel are always an inspiration to work with and it’s such a pleasure to be a part of something that's making real, grassroots changes. By working on this brilliant project, it’s helped us learn that there can be many barriers to cultural venues that stop certain sections of the audience being able to enjoy them, or even enter them in the first place. Thanks to the Barbican London and HOME in Manchester for welcoming us into your beautiful spaces!”

Lizzie from Carousel said:

“Big Egg's inclusive approach to filmmaking and the relationship we know they have with our artists made them the perfect partners for these commissions. At Oska Bright, we're committed to making cultural venues more inclusive so that learning disabled and autistic people feel welcome and have ownership of these spaces. The results of Big Egg's hard work are incredible, showcasing learning disabled people right at the heart of some of the most significant cultural venues in the UK. “

As ever we are thankful to Oska Bright for working with us. In the meantime you can experience the wonders of Carousel TV, which released its third series last year! Watch the series premiere now.

To find out more about Welcome Back and to download a free resource pack check out Oska Bright’s blog.

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The HOME front desk - the Box Office