The making of the 'Walk the Chalk' Doco The making of the 'Walk the Chalk' Doco

The making of the 'Walk the Chalk' Doco

The filming of the Walk the Chalk Documentary

What a project! 

Here's a first cut of trailer...

In 2023 we were commissioned by the Lewes Depot Cinema,  to create a feature length doco following LYT's 'Walk the Chalk' heritage art festival. This was based in the insanely beautiful Seven Sisters, where 15,000 people attended.

Thanks to Alex Franklin Photography

In the documentary we follow the journey of an events crew (led by Phil Rose); and the team, mostly made up of young people from Lewes; who have various complex physical and emotional needs. We see them battle through all sorts of barriers in order to get this event on, including bureaucracy, crazy logistics of building art pieces on a cliff edge and of course Storm Betty!

The crew on opening day!
Big Egg Interviews Sussex
Thanks to Alex Franklin Photography

It took us 27 days of shooting, including on site, re-creation scenes, and filming on a boat (thanks Sussex boat trips!) to truly capture our story. The Documentary strands include exploring the history of the world famous spot. (Did you know Harry Potter and Bednobs and broomsticks was filmed here among others?)

video production liverpool
Smugglers recreation shoot, shout to Gladrags for costumes! 

With a focus on the Canadian solders who were sadly killed here in WW2 and the disgusting treatment of the black solders that were here in WW1.

We also focussed on LYT's aims to make the site more accessible, following lots of research that suggest local people are not accessing the site. The film opens speaking to local older people who have never been to the site or haven't accessed the site for over 50 years. We these people go up to the site, using electric buggies, and the effects this has on them. This was such a joy to see. 

Thanks to Alex Franklin Photography

The last, most important strand for us is capturing the community that is formed whilst this event was on, and what it means to have a community or no to have one.

We have sent over 60 days editing this, but hope people can enjoy and celebrate the work of the crew and over 250 volunteers!

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