Video services

As a video agency, we are there for every step of the video production process, from script to screen. 

We work with a wide selection of highly skilled directors, crew, animators, voiceover artists and more, creating a bespoke team to bring out the best in your project. 

We're constantly innovating and we utilise our passion for emerging technologies whenever possible. We will find the most engaging way to tell your story and produce something you'll be proud of.  

We're highly experienced at producing branded content and promos that will get you noticed. We'll work with you to create something exciting that really allows your services or product to shine. We pride ourselves on our talented staff, and whether this is for broadcast or online, we have just the right team to help you.

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Our award-winning charity campaigns have not only helped organisations get their message out there, engage new supporters and raise awareness, but have also helped raise over £2.5 million in the past few years!

Art sector videos

We have worked with the arts sector for the last 10 years, capturing live performances, making show promos and creating music videos. We've been fortunate to work with some of the world's biggest companies and artists and have loved the opportunity to showcase their work.

Animation & Motion graphics

Animated videos are an engaging way of explaining products and services, and there's no end to how creative they can be. Animations can also be a great way to break down complex processes for your audience. 

Our animation services are particularly useful for those wanting to work with us remotely, as they provide a way of making entire videos or segments without the need to film in-person, and the end result is fantastically eye-catching.

Motion graphics raise your video's production value, are a great way of communicating key information, and can even be layered over live action footage to create something contemporary.

Remote filming

 We offer a remote filming packages,  including a set of how-to videos, where we direct and coach our contributors every step of the way. 

We can confidently create you brilliant, engaging films this way, it's good fun - and sometimes there are unexpected extra benefits to working like this! Here's one of many recent examples of a film made in this way.